Fox in cosmos

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24×30 cm – aquarelle – cadre bois

Fox in cosmos - Aquarelle Julien Weber
Fox in cosmos - Aquarelle Julien Weber

I’m not waiting for you
But you are my point of view
I let instinct be my guide
And my heart knows the signs

I know you’re fine and smart
Love your strength and your shine apart
I see you lionesse with velvet paws
You’re just like in the air, with the birds

In our eternal and blooming spring
Just want to walk like a fox with a bee
Hand in hand, to breath this feeling
That there is nothing stronger than ‘we’

We are both a flower’s bless
designed to love lights and mysteries
Please let me give you this thrilling kiss
which is held in the warmth of our bellies

I’ll never ask you to leave with
Just keep the secrets we deal with
Life is made for this little folly
As I hope for you on my arm, really

Love doesn’t tell us to wear ring
Come on, this path is made for dancing !
Love doesn’t tell us to wear ring
Like a fox and a bee…
We will be


Happy Sapiens - scène créative. Proposé par Julien Weber

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